Monday, April 1, 2024

Where did March go? Why did it take my Mojo with it?

Well, hum.  

I have no excuse.  I also have not been in blog land AT ALL!

I promise to do better.

I did make myself a promise to finish 3 little (non-stitching) projects which had long been on the TO-Do list! It took until the last day of the month but I made it!

First off -

I hung my strainers.

I said these projects were small!  
I have a love/hate relationship with Command hooks so I initially tried to make a hanger with wood and cup hooks.  Sounds so simple but no.  Eventually, I gave up and bought the hooks.  However, the first day one of the hooks came off!  This after I had carefully cleaned the door with rubbing alcohol, sigh.  I replaced the sticky thing which fixed it--so far.

Next, or rather at the same time I fixed this--

This is a paver my middle son and bonus daughter gave me several years ago.  Black and Gold for my University Of Missouri  (Mizzou) The stained glass had lifted off the cement, cause I left it outside! This again seemed easy and it wasn't hard it just took time to purchase the proper glue, layout on the table the way it came off and glue it back down.  Easy enough but I didn't want it to happen again and spurred on by Youtube videos I decided to cover it in epoxy.  That had to be ordered (twice) and a very large round silicone form acquired.  After that it was an easy thing to mix up the epoxy and pour it on, except that my table wasn't quite level and epoxy is self leveling so I had to do a second pour (after I fixed a level resting place.)  Anyway, it came out of the mold and is encased in epoxy which is never supposed to degrade and is out on the patio!

Finally, I took a sink cutout that I've been carrying around for years and turned it into this--

Just cut it to size, sand, iron on the edging (which had to be ordered) and use glue to fill in the gaps between the edging and the board around the corners, sand, treat the borders with Tung oil and add rubber lifts to the bottom to keep it from sliding around.  

I have a lot to do in April.  I can finally work in the yard and garden, and get the patio set up for summer.  And . . .do the Spring cleaning.  I'd have gotten started today but it rained,  also the National Weather Service just put us in a Tornado Watch (which just means weather conditions could cause a tornado.)
Rain tomorrow too.  I guess cleaning will happen, then I may just hibernate in the studio!


  1. Glad you are still with us Gail! Well you have been busy doing somethings, will be nice to get out in the garden I am sure. It seems to have rained continuously here for months and no sign of a let up just yet. xx

  2. Good job Gail. That epoxy looks interesting. The sink cut out is great to repurpose. At least 25 years ago my mum got me to do this with my sink cut out. We got them cut into several sizes, lacquered them, put rubber feet on them and I have a few chopping boards. I am still using them.

  3. Well g’day! You’ve been busy. Those Command hooks have been disappointing. Apparently they are releasing a “new and improved” version. Your Mizzou M should last a lot longer with its epoxy overcoat. Fingers crossed there’s no tornado.

  4. Hi Gail. It is good to hear from you in Blogland. I can't imagine all the things you teach yourself to do when you have to. It looks to me like you have done well for yourself even though there was a bit of frustration.
    Enjoy your spring chores and good luck with them.

  5. oh i definitely have a hate relationship with command hooks...

  6. You've been hibernating too long. Maybe you should have traveled to Scrub Stitchin again this year, it looks like they had a wonderful time. Hope your sewing mojo is returning, happy stitching!