Saturday, March 18, 2023

Day 3 Tasmania

Another very early day.  

Another early flight. (The number of flights taken so far this trip is growing-now stands at 5)

I do like the security check at Melbourne!  No removing liquids, electronics or shoes! Apparently, their machines can see inside without all that.  Off to Launceston.  First time in 40 years that I a boarded and disembarked via STAIRS!  Also they loaded the plane from both the front and the back-so much to learn on this trip!  A little over an hour later and we landed-and I got locked out of the building!  Ground crew to the rescue!

After retrieving my luggage I picked up this little baby,

for my first adventures in left side driving.
I have to say that left side driving was less difficult than I imagined it would be!  There is still a half-second of panic that the car coming towards you is in your lane and going to hit you head on!  In other words there were many adrenaline rushes.  That said driving in Tasmania is a challenge.  None of the roads are marked-on the map they are but THEY are not! So, I ended up taking the scenic route.  It was VERY scenic!  Up and down round and round-endless tree tunnels that suddenly opened up to deep valleys and open hillsides full of fat: cows, sheep, pigs, alpacas, etc!  The folks who live  there take advantage to the view by building on an opposing hillside, I wonder if they forget about the view?  Anyway, the roads are narrow added to the twists and turns so driving would have been a challenge in my own vehicle,  The rental is light so every bump in the road caused it to jump and sometimes slide off the pavement.  Fortunately, there wasn't much traffic!  Enough whining.  I did finally arrive in St Helens on George's Bay!

  I had a very late lunch there at 

Jeff and Nick's Tucker Truck

Everyone knows that I was looking forward to this:

It was delicious!

Then it was back on the road.  A couple of missed turns happened next, both created some back tracking!  I'm blaming the lack of road numbers and the fact that I DO NOT know the names of ALL the towns between where I am and where I'm going.  I hope today is better in that regard.
Anyway, I did arrive in Swansea where I had reservations.  My room has a deck and overlooks The Great Oyster Bay.  Beautiful.  It's strange knowing that Jenny was here not long ago! 

Just to prove I am really here !


Tired but happy!


         The Great Oyster Bay.


  1. Enjoy tassie, and see you when you get 'there'.

  2. Wow! Looks like we missed you by a day! We were in the Swansea caravan park. Did you stop in Bicheno? The food from the Lobster Shack was really good.

  3. no snow there eh gail...LOL....lovely photos and travelogue...can't wait to see more...