Wednesday, January 18, 2023

Trail Mix update and more!

I'm sewing down the binding on Trail  Mix!  Hopefully, it will be finished this week, but there's about a mile of binding so who knows.
I will be extremely glad to have it finished!  Am I 100% happy with it?
Absolutely, NOT!  
I am somewhat of a perfectionist but this one is over and above the norm.
Will it keep me-or someone else warm?  
Better finished than perfect.
At the moment I feel very certain I won't do any more large quilts or if I do
they will go out to be quilted.  This is the point where I always get frustrated and unhappy with my work.

My reading this past week.

I was devastated on January 6, 2021.  It is, however,  a part of our history and I can not ignore it.  I watched the final televised report of the Committee and was so impressed with their work that I pre-ordered the book.  I want to fully understand what happened both before January 6th and on that day.  I need to be able to ask intelligent questions as things progress.  I'll have to say - it's a tome!  The Summary of the report is 157 pages long and includes 762 end notes!  It seems to be a careful, well investigated, well documented and well written report.  I am surprised that once I start reading I don't want to stop. It is going to be a bit before I finish it!



  1. Definitely better finished and I am sure you are being over critical! Good luck with wading through that tome although I can understand why. xx

  2. Yay! It must feel good to nearly be done with Trail Mix. Your book would be interesting reading. Hopefully a never to be repeated part of history