Friday, February 3, 2023

What I did in January

First, I finished Trail Mix!
It's been washed and dried and is ready for my bed next week.  It came out of the wash/dry cycle much wrinklier than any other quilt I've done.  Maybe it's the fact that for the first time I used Hobbs 80/20 batting?  I did enjoy it keeping my lap warm while I sewed the binding down-we had a very cold snap  (not below zero but well below freezing.) 

I've read a good bit.  I'm about 2/3 (maybe 3/4) through the January 6th book--when I finish it I'll put my thoughts on paper (and blog.)  Also, I think 2 fiction books.
I made all my domestic flight arrangements and my hotel arrangements for San Diego-the BIG trip is coming up soon and I still have a bit to settle but I'm working on it!

What I haven't done.
Read blogs, sorry girls I am well behind on that one.
Write blogs.  I did so well in December, perhaps I should go back to trying for one a day?
Clean house-enough said.
Go on any adventures, although I did have lunch out with one of my cousins.  I so enjoyed being with her and I hope we can do it again.
January is always the month for the blahs.  This is the "Can I please just go to sleep and wake up in February?" month.  
At least our football (American) team The Kansas City Chiefs is going to the Super Bowl!

Tomorrow is another day.  Tonight is for cutting out my next secret projects so I can get to sewing them up!


  1. Great to have Trail Mix finished - it does look very snuggly. xx

  2. I do like your version of Trailmix. I hope it keeps you so very warm. Counting the days....

  3. that is sooo pretty and looks really cozy too! my blahs have spilled over into a february a bit but some have a lovely trip to plan exciting!

  4. I do love how snuggly your Trail Mix quilt looks, with those rich coloured fabrics. The one I made is one of our favourite winter time quilts. I think you are allowed to ease into the new year, especially when the weather is so bleak. Good weather for reading. I'm sure you will feel more productive once it starts to warm up.......and plan for that big trip.

  5. Congrats on getting trail mix finished.........