Monday, September 19, 2022

Still no stitching

but I am doing a few things and  adding more every day.

I've only been in the studio maybe twice in the past two weeks and I didn't sew then.

I just let go of all the "should dos" and adjusted my sleep habits a bit.

The past few nights I've managed at least 6 hours of sleep!  That doesn't seem like enough but last Thursday I didn't sleep at all so I'm happy with 6.  I have re-arranged my sleep habits some.  It's really easy when you live alone to skip the routines.  I mean you can get up when you want, eat what and when you want, go to bed when you want and read(or play around on YouTube) until the wee hours of the morning-sounds good doesn't it.  The downside is that sleep is erratic.  I always have trouble with sleeping in the summer-it stays hot here even after dark!  I really need it cool to sleep.  Anyway, I'm no longer reading (or YouTubing) after I get in bed- I hate giving this up but my brain stays busy for ever!  Added back routines that had slipped away and set an alarm to turn off the light!  (Hum, I need to put the light on a timer!  Instant dark!) Plus, NO NAPS! 

I am hopeful that more things will be done from here on!

Thanks for all your kind wishes!

P. S. triple digit heat today and tomorrow!  That's at least 39C.  Record breaking and entirely TOO HOT!

P. S. S.  Alaska got hit with a massive storm Saturday and Sunday-I know Janet is supposed to be on a cruise up there this month and I really hope she wasn't/isn't in harms way!


  1. It's no wonder your sleep is disrupted with those temps, and no wonder you're not feeling creative, you're so tired. Enjoy the rest and change of pace, all those things that need doing will wait for you.

  2. There's nothing worse than being groggy all day from lack of sleep. The temptation to take a nap to make up for it is a real struggle. Good luck and hope cooler weather comes soon.

  3. You have my sympathy for not being able to sleep, being too hot is not good.