Monday, January 11, 2021

All about last week


I had a pretty bad week last week.
I woke Monday with a case of "Isolation Blues" due to not enough sleep 
and a hurting knee.
It didn't get better on Tuesday.
In fact, I spent the whole day in my nightie and robe doing almost nothing.
Then came Wednesday.
I'd managed to get dressed and was taking down the Christmas Tree.
When, I got a very strange text from my eldest-Everybody stay safe.
Then followed the texts--turn on the TV MOM!
Which I did.
I couldn't watch for long it hurt my heart so.

I wish I could say I didn't see this coming.
I still feel like I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop 
and hoping that the 20th is free of violence.
Very few of the Mob were arrested on Wednesday but they are being identified by police, FBI and private citizens from photos and film clips of the riot.  
Many have shown up on social media and been identified,
some have been arrested,
some have lost their jobs,
some will lose standing in their communities.
There must be consequences or it will happen again and again.
Of course 45 incited them to violence and today Articles of Impeachment were drawn up against him for "inciting insurrection."
To some it seems a waste of time when there are so few days left in his term, 
but apparently if impeached he cannot run in 2024  
and he could be charged within the legal system,
so his consequences I suppose.
There's lots of talk, and lots of thinking-
I'll spare you that.
Domestic terrorism cannot be allowed.

In happier things!
The Civil War Sampler (that really old UFO) is at this point.
The last block is only pinned on and needs the last sashing piece added.

All the squares for the first blocks of Trail Mix have been cut.

I'm sewing down the binding on #2020.
I will never like this quilt!
That said it is almost finished.

This months cookbook.
I made Corn Chowder on Saturday, 
it was pretty good but I don't know if I'll make it again.

All the other goals bit the dust.
I have some adjustments to make and then
I'll begin them again.


  1. I really hope this is a much better week for you and you are feeling better....
    It's a worrying time to get past the 20th at this time.....
    Goodluck getting your quilts finished.....

    1. I'm feeling more normal-except for all the news reading I'm doing! Anxiety seems to increase the closer we get to the 20th.

  2. I too hope this is a better week for you and that the 20th goes smoothly. I hope 45 is held accountable for his actions. Your Civil War quilt looks wonderful, any progress is good progress.

    1. So far it has been a normal week, I have become a sleep zealot so the blues don't get me and while reading the news is upsetting nothing has actually happened-yet. I am busy sewing down binding so no more progress-Yet! Thanks for tuning in!

  3. It was a rough week at my house, too, and the events you reference played their part. Hoping for better things this year!
    Loving your Civil War Sampler.

    1. So far this week has been okay, I feel quite anxious about the 20th but hope for the best. Civil War has been around SO long, I really want it finished this year.

  4. Thank goodness last week is behind us. So sad what happened. Let’s hope he and his supporters are made accountable. On happier things, I can’t wait to see your Trail Mix progress snd your sampler is looking good. Corn chowder sounds yummy. Just the food for cold, stay at home weather. Make your goals very achievable this time and you’ll feel great when you smash them.

    1. The corn chowder was okay, but really seemed to take a great many steps to make! That seems to be the case for that whole cookbook. I hope to finish #2020 tomorrow so I can begin Trail Mix-well I have to clean off the sewing table for my piecing machine first!

  5. I hope you are having a better week Gail _ a nervous time for all I think. Your Civil War blocks look great and your checks for Trail Mix look good too. xx

    1. I'm very anxious for Jan 20th and hopeful that all this insanity ends then. Trail Mix gets started this week!

  6. During WW2, the English would say Cheer Up, Cheerio, Carry On. Pithy I know but the world isn’t coming to and end. The US democracy is strong and resilient and will prevail. Your Civil War blocks look great. Are those flannel fabrics for Trail Mix? Must feel good to be sewing the binding down on #2020.

  7. I can bet nervous and still be hopeful. The past four years and "THE BIG LIE" have shown how fragile our republic is but yes we are resilient and saner folks will soon be in charge-I think there will be fall-out politically for quite a few folks. Trail mix is being made from thread dyed flannel-I've found that starching it keeps it from slipping around. I'm looking forward to beginning it this week.